July 24, 2016
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PT Boats were used by the U.S. Navy in World War II. They were designed by a British engineer, Hubert Scott-Paine, to be lighter armed and to depend exclusively on speed for defense.

Did you know that the "PT" in PT Boats stands for plywood torpedo?

Interactive Trunk for Resty (Vicencio) Farmer
Name: Farmer, Resty (Vicencio)
Year of Birth: 1926
Current Residence: Van Buren, AR
County: Crawford County
War Time Duty (MOS): Interpreter
Branch of Service: Civilian
Theater of Operation: Pacific
Division: Not Applicable
Regiment: Not Applicable
Major Engagements: Phillipines
Biography: Mrs. Farmer personally witnessed the atrocities and cruel oppression of the Japanese occupation of her homeland, the Philippines, during World War II. Hear her witness to the Bataan Death March of Filippino and American men. Also listen to her touching story of her over forty year search for the family of the downed American flier, Sterling Graham.

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