July 24, 2016
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PT Boats were used by the U.S. Navy in World War II. They were designed by a British engineer, Hubert Scott-Paine, to be lighter armed and to depend exclusively on speed for defense.

Did you know that the "PT" in PT Boats stands for plywood torpedo?

Educational GUIDES
Teacher and Student Resources
Thank you for your interest in In Their Words.  Below are links that we believe educators and students will find helpful.  As you begin to explore In Their Words, please share your experience and ideas with us.  We are especially interested in any Trunk Sheets that you, or your school, may develop on our veterans.  If you have word documents that you believe would be beneficial for our web site, please email them to us at flinn@aetn.org.  Thank you again for your interest and enjoy researching our web site!

Developing ITW Listening Guides and Trunk Sheets
  • This document can help you create Trunk Sheets for In Their Words veterans.  Questions are divided according to Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of higher order thinking skills.
In Their Words Subject Areas and Content Standards
  • Look here if you are attempting to match specific, content-related frameworks to our web site.
    • American History
    • Arkansas History
    • English Language Arts- Oral and Visual Communication, Writing, Reading, and Inquiring/Researching
    • Fine Arts- Art II
    • Library Media- Inquiry and Application
    • Mathematics- Algebraic Connections, Language of Geometry, and Descriptive Statistics/Data Analysis
    • Science- Physics
    • Social Studies- Sociology, and World Geography
    • Family and Consumer Sciences- Clothing Management, and FACS (Food and Nutrition, Home Management and Consumer Education, and Housing and Interior Design)
In Their Words Warm Up Activity
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions that teachers may use with their students as an introduction or review of the web site.
In Their Words Warm Up Activity Answers
Differentiation Checklist
  • If you are attempting to create differentiated lesson plans, this link may help.
Katz Trunk Sheet
  • This link will provide an example of a completed Trunk Sheet for Charles Lawrence Katz using the Bloom's Taxonomy model of higher order thinking skills.
Libby Trunk Sheet
  • Trunk Sheet for Arnot Dawn (Havis) Libby
Adams Trunk Sheet
  • Trunk Sheet for Russ Adams
Brewer Trunk Sheet
  • Trunk Sheet for Ross Edward Brewer
Blank Trunk Sheet
  • Blank Trunk Sheet that teachers may use for developing their own Trunk Sheets on ITW veterans
Rauton Tour of Duty Maps
  • This link will provide teachers and students with two maps of Mr. Rauton's tour of duty while serving in WWII. Mr. Rauton created a key to help students and teachers locate all of the places he traveled throughout his military career. Each document within this link was created by Lewis S. Rauton.
Teacher-Generated Lesson Plans

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